Resurecting the Old Fence

When we purchased, Sweetwater Lane Farm, long before we even considered opening a bed and breakfast, there was an old fence standing around the main pasture area that was showing significant signs of age.  During those initial years the thought of replacing it was all too large to even contemplate. So, we propped it up… Read more »

Building Beds and Soil

Springtime at Sweetwater is a busy time, to put it mildly. The effort we put in now determines the bounty we will reap in the fall and it’s a good thing we get to take it easy in the winter because there are often just not enough hours in the day come spring. It has… Read more »

The Residents

Aside from the humans there are a plethora of tenants who are all equally as hard working at making Sweetwater Lane Farm the place it is. Here’s a quick rundown of the characters and their contribution to the homestead. Ella the Milk Cow, aka Queen Ella. Ella came to the farm about 5 years ago… Read more »