Do you offer housekeeping?
We provide fresh towels on request. If you stay for longer than 7 days we will also do a full linen change.
What can we do while we are there?
Aside from enjoying time by the fire and taking in the serenity there are many things to do and see in the area. For more information check out our activities page.
Can we prepare our own meals?
Yes. We have a well appointed kitchen that you are free to use during your stay
How far are you from Pemberton/Whistler?
The Cabin is 15 minutes from downtown Pemberton and 45 mins from the parking lots in Whistler.
Can I bring my dog?
In general the answer here is no. We are a functioning farm with many desirable doggy treats walking around the fields. If you are inseparable from your pooch get in touch with us and we’ll see if there is a solution we can work out.
Why is it called Sweetwater Lane Farm?
Well that’s the name of the street but we like to think its due to the quality of the well water on site. Although the quality is impeccable the quantity isn’t endless. During the height of summer we ask guests to be conscious of their water use as we are on a deep low flow well supply.
Is there parking at the farm?
Ample for the number of guests staying at the Cabin.
How many people can you accommodate?
The Cabin can accommodates up to 6 people (including all children over 12 months). Due to health and safety, and zoning reasons this is a strict limit. No un-registered guests are allowed on the property at anytime during your stay either.