Getting Down in the Fall – The Best Time to Mountain Bike in Pemberton

Why Now is the Time to Ride in Pemberton

After the Labour Day long weekend a few things start to fall. The crowds of summer vacation start to fall away, the temperature falls a few degrees, and if we’re lucky just a few raindrops start to fall. If this all seems like a bit of a downer then perhaps this post isn’t for you. If you are starting to sit up and lean into your screen then read on…

Now with these declining elements combined, some wonderful things happen to the endless mountain biking trails in Pemberton.

Less people means less traffic on the trails. Not that there is ever that many people out this way. Less people means less wear and tear on the trails. When you pull up at your favorite vista, chances are you’ll be able to take it in with just the people you chose to be with that day.

Falling temperatures means you’re going to sweat a little less climbing up to your favorite descent, leaving you in better shape to shred the ride down.

Falling raindrops is a blessing for the trails around here. It turns the often dusty trails into high traction masterpieces of fun.

Lastly, If you take a moment and can look up from the trail, you may also notice the falling snowline starting at the summit of Mount Currie. For anyone who considers mountain biking the activity done between ski seasons then this sight may give you a little bit of an increase in motivation to push a little harder to be stronger for opening day.

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